Hawken Meteor Credits Generator

Hawken is the newest mech FPS game right now. As what I have known, it is a "Free to Play" game. Meaning, you don't have to purchase the game in order to play it. You simply go to the official game site, and then take a few minutes to sign up and you will be able to download the game client after for free. Simple and easy, right?

Well, here is the catch. Nobody in this world will ever make a game that will cater to a considerable number of gamers without them having something in return. Of course as a game developer and publisher, they have to make a profit even if the game is promoted as "free to play". Their income essentially comes from their so called "in-game currency." In the case of the Hawken game, there are two: Hawken Credits / Points and Meteor Credts / Points. Technically speaking these two function in the same way, however they differ in the process by which a player can obtain such credit. Hawken is something that a player can be earned by playing and winning matches, while Meteor Credits is something that is available with the use of real world money. The latter serves as the income generating aspect of the game.

The truth of the matter is, this game is relatively an expensive free-to-play game. You can it see it below why.

US Meteor Credits Pricing
$5  =  720 MC
$10 = 1440 MC
$25  =  3600 MC
$30 = 4320 MC
$50  = 7200 MC
$100  = 14400 MC

UK/EU Pricing
£5 = 872 mc
£10 = 1600mc
£30 = 4512mc
£50 = 7423mc
£100 = 14703mc

Expensive right? Well, don't be easily decourage because I have here the answer to the problem. You can now generate free unlimited Hawken Meteor Credits simply by downloading this hack tool called Hawken Meteor Credits Generator. This is a revolutionary hack coded just for the Hawken players. You can see how it works in the video below.

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